Activism and Accessibility of Technology

Sunday 11 May, 16.00h

Kyd Campbell (CA)

East Europe, DIY, OpenSource, Networks and The TinyNoise

Presentation on Sunday 11 May, 16.00h, Panel on Activism and Accessibility of Technology.

tiny noise is based on a desire to connect like-minded artists on a local level while making them aware of the international context for their work and to share the knowledge that DIY options are available. Technically, the project depends on the local equipment and space resources, making use of the sound system and presentation locale that is available. The quality of these resources depends both on the actual availability and on the willingness for collaboration within the city hosting the tiny noise. This entire process of organization, curating and resource finding is done openly. Kyd Kampbell often use local IRC channels and mailing lists to find artists, space and equipment. She communicate to as many local cultural actors as possible and anyone else that might be able to help and hope to have their assistance in sourcing the necessary gear and in promoting the event.

Kyd Campbell is a nomadic programmer and curator born in Montreal, Canada specialized in circulation, media and audio art and is also as a digital creator of public interactive situations. She has developed a number of cultural venues in Canada and Eastern Europe including collaborations with the Upgrade! International network, Public Art Lab’s project Mobile Studios, the Pure Data community, the HTMlles festival and CTRL_ATL_DEL festival in Istanbul. With Macedonian artist and curator Toni Dimitrov she co-founded tiny noise and contributes to digital communities and research groups focused on observing mobility and the emotional aspects of human-machine relationships. Remaining independent allows her some freedom to speculate and experiment, to welcome all forms of collaboration and information exchange.

Jasmina Tesanovic (RS/USA)

Moderation on Sunday 11 May, 16.00h, Panel on Activism and Accessibility of Technology.

Jasmina Tesanovic is a feminist, political activist (Women in Black, Code Pink), translator, publisher and filmmaker. She is the author of Diary of a Political Idiot, a war diary written during the 1999 Kosovo War and widely distributed on the Internet. She writes in three languages: Serbian, English and italiian. She publsihed 10 books of fiction and non fiction and made several films. She lived in Belgrade, Cairo, Milan, Rome, Los Angeles, Torino. She is a bloggeron Blog b92 and

Non-Fiction: “Il Processo agli Scorpioni”, Edizioni XII, Milano 2008; Matrimony (Planeta Publisher, Barcelona, Spain, 2003, Feminist Publisher 94, Belgrade, Serbia, 2004); Me and My Multicultural Street (Feminist Publisher 94, Belgrade, Serbia, 2001); Diary of a Political Idiot (Cleis Press, San Francisco, California, 2000) – published in 12 languages; The Suitcase: Refugee Voices from Bosnia and Croatia (University of California Press, Berkley, San Francisco, California, 1997)

Fiction: The Necromancers/Nekromanti (play 2007); Nefertiti Was Here/Nefertiti je bila ovde (Belgrade Women’s Studies, Centar za Zenske Studije, Beograd 2007); They just do it (play, Feminist Notebooks, Belgrade, Serbia 1998); The Mermaids (Publisher 94, Belgrade, Serbia 1997) – Borislav Pekic Award recipient; A Women’s Book (Publisher 94, Belgrade, Serbia 1996); In Exile (Publisher 94, Belgrade, Serbia 1994); The Invisible Book (KOV, Vrsac, Yugoslavia 1992)

She is shooting a serial of Intervention Art movies now in Belgrade Serbia.