DJ Spoma (HR/DE)

Dj Set: Balkan beat, gypsy, klezmer, sevdah

DJane Spoma (HR/DE) is one of the first promoters of alternative Balkan parties in Munich. Long before Europe was infected with Balkan beat fever and even before Let 3 convinced us that there is something about the pathos of »genuine pop-folk singers« à la Šaban Šauli?, Toma Zdravkovi? and – after all – also Hanka Paldum, DJane Spoma had punched true »underground« arrows into the ears of the Balkan diaspora and fans of former Yugoslavia.

DJ Lil Bustard and Freak (PL)

Hairstyling in electro tech house rythm

Lil Bustard aka Gog M (PL) (NoiseBand/ Club – Warsaw) – the music preferences of Gosia Machnikowska – alias Goga M – were formed during endless nights spent in (not only) Warsaw clubs. Fascinated by all possible subtypes of techno – she decided to stand the decks herself in the middle of 2004. Her first steps were related to Warsaw clubs where she played tribal, acid and minimal techno. In 2005 she fall in love with electro. She start laying electro-house and eventually exploring the harder types of the genre. The music she plays today can be summarized as “electro-tech-porno-house”. Nowadays she is involved with crew, NoiseBand (back2back duo with Pete White and she is a resident at such well-known events as “God shaved the Queen” in Warsawa’s Luzztra, “NoiseBand Sessions” in Vanilla Ice, “Hersprey” at UFA. Apart from being involved in commercial party’s she also takes part in social campaigns. The famous defend of the Warsaw popular alternative club Le Madame can be an example (she locked herself inside the protest against the half-legal eviction executed by the police and city officials). Also the Warsaw parade of equality, Poland’s biggest gay pride which is more of a political event than a simple party in this homophobic part of Europe and Ladyfest in Berlin 2006.

Ania Orzechowska aka Freak (PL)
– she’s a hair stylist for about 10 years. She was a student of the best polish hair stylist Jaga Hupa?o. She worked in “Jaga Hupa?o & Thomas Wolff Hair Design” for three years. For now she is co operates with the better part of polish pappers making hair styling for photo shooting sessions. Together with Lil (her girlfriend) they are making a party called “Hersprey” were Ania is styling hair of some people and Lil is DJing in the same time.