Down to Earth


Down to Earth (2007)

Live art, public art
Presented by Humor Works

Based on her own experience as an artist without formal education, Jana Prepeluh researches – via a shoe cleaning street action Down To Earth – the attitude to non-material or manual work by overworked alienated individuals in a society where work is still associated with social status. By investigating different reactions – looking up to, or down upon – the artist unintentionally brings out prejudices constructing the subject’s moral full of myth and fake assumptions.

Jana Prepeluh (Ljubljana, 1973) founded the Cumnata gallery and shop in jubljana where she scheduled thoughtful urban art projects and organized treet-fashion shows. Together with Aleksandra Calic she created a short ideo entitled Punk nije mrtav Kenedi (Punk Is Not Dead Kenedi). She is urrently touring with the Down to Earth performance and working on a new erformance on weeping (for dead persons).