Ana Filip (RO/SK) / Barbara Huber (AT/SK)



A project by Menschen haben Krizen
Performance with Ana Filip (RO/SK), Barbara Huber (AT/SK)

The karasssuite is a multidisciplinary project that allows for a variety of artists from different backgrounds to collaborate on a complex media piece based on quotes from ‘Cat’s Craddle’ by Kurt Vonnegut (1963). The pieces from the artists are being uploaded on the database and that is the starting point for the performance – the database is used in a real time situation as a source of material for the performance itself. Menschen haben Krizen is a collective name for all the artists participating in the project. This time Menschen haben Krizen are a! visual chaosdroid (RO/SK),
b# (AT/SK) and joining in from Taipei Ana Threat (AT/CN).


Ana Filip (RO/SK)
Background in literature and paiting. Current life amongst numbers and code. Point of turning with no return: coming in Slovakia in 2002. Places/events where she was involved in various degrees [from technician to lecturer/artsist]: Buryzone, first independent cultural space in Sk [technician, space manager, event organizer, streaming technician, editor for NMN project Help]; research for the VEKTOR Project, Vienna; streaming for the “Danube Streaming Show”; “Type Yourself”, Krakow, exhibition of experimental typography]; NADA (New Approaches to the Domain of Art) meant to be a ladies platform for independet culture and new media. In 2003 founded [together with MR, DB and MC] “BURUNDI datalab | studio | displej | press”, an iniative of studying and working with new media crossing arts and social sciences [www.burundi.sk]. Leading Burundi Studio and organising/providing technical support/being artist/lecturer for various events [Linux workshop, Cross Section STREET, Open Source Multimedia Workshop with D. Holzer, RECYCLE IT project with J. Banks, Bratislava node during the headphones festival “LePlacard”].
Main Itchy Bit project: “Radio Territories” [www.radia.fm], coordinated by Radio Orange Vienna, and connecting various organization with an interest in radio, sound and networks. Curretly, laying as always [with live scripting, vvvv, puredata, design, photography, webpages, networks, Processing, Unix, letters and images, doing her own nostalgic archaeology, mentaining a blog of
transient dreams and images, doing workshops and still searching for a way. May chaos walk with me!

b# aka Barbara Huber (AT/SK)
Barbara Huber is a professional unprofessional writer, artist, teacher, translator, manager, non manager, activist, radio/audioactive, networker, librarian, cook, drinker, (non)smoker, festivalhopper, streetroamer, streamer, ecological thinker, free souler and-you-name-it. She lives in Linz and Bratislava.