Zvonka Simcic

Doulas »ad utero ab ovo«


The Project Doulas »ad utero ab ovo« is the life  story of an artist; the decision to become a single mother to a test-tube baby and consequently what was happening during the time of decision –taking and continuously afterwards. The objective of the project is to research how the society looks on the artificial insemination, as well as the position of a single woman in the accompanying social environment. But also stress out the major prejudices in certain cultural environment carving in the life of a woman, artist and single mother (getting pregnant with artificial insemination).

Zvonka Simcic was born in Ljubliana. She study of painting at the Academy of Fine Arts at the University of Ljubljana. She has been exhibiting regularly since 1988, operating through installations, video, performance and photography. In her work she has lately utilized an interactive video, digital photography as well as computer animation. All her works show a distinguished and strong social foundation, stemming primarily from her own life experience. Thus the human life itself and the contemplation into the consequences of the human social status and political position have significant importance in her opus. Zvonka Simcic often adopts a role of an actress – performer in her works. Since 1998 she has been active in the experimental ethno musical ensemble Uluru. She is a founder of the CCC Institute, established in 2001, mainly focusing on the junctions of multimedia art as well as its adequate social environment.Zvonka Simcic has extensively exhibited internationally.Together with Tanja Vujinovic multimedia artist they formed an art production and research institutions EXTATIK and CCC (former AUTOMATA) Since 2002 Automata has produced numerous multimedia projects and events. Their works have been included in collective exhibitions such as the Euroscreen21 project, Zero Visibility, Theory Multimedia NetNoise and Web Biennial Istanbul.