Gaby Bila-Gunther (RO/DE)

Sexflies goes EAST Project


Do women use technology and digital media to influence their sexuality and their art? If so how?

Text, images, sound installations and performance conjuring sexual confessions, fantasies and experiences. Sexflies is an artistic erotica for women who dare to be fulfilled. SEXFLIES from the EAST….An array of visual artworks and sound scapes as well as online anthology of writing, dealing with the theme of how has technology and digital media influenced women’s sexuality, fantasies and practices and their artwork: with the use of internet for porn, the online self-published erotic magazines, blogging, discussions about sexuality and censorships, hacking, technology such as sexual toys (vibrators, dildoes etc) and to make electronic music.

Sexflies is compiled and edited by performer, writer and curator Lady Gaby (Gaby Bila-Günther) with the aim to present sordid, saucy tales, sexual adventures and secrets within an artistic environment via creative measures. Sexflies is a multimedia visual arts extravaganza, presented as an interactive online international literary anthology, diverse performances, installations, paintings, photographs, comics and zines.

Often porn is not enough and we demand exaltation from sensual stories and by looking at provocative images, objects executed by intelligent writers and artists.

Sexflies is about sharing experiences, constructing fantasies, confessing sex adventures and intimate sexual moments. Many female artists utilise their sexual experiences as their subject for their creative work being performance, visual arts, music or spoken word.

Visual art project curated by Gaby Bila-Günther aka Lady Gaby.

Artists: Lady Gaby from tea lady to SEXFLY (RO/DE); Pure eroticism in Darina Alster’s work (CZ); Binary sex by Petra Vargova (CZ); Women’s issues at a video conference, Lucia Udvardyova (CZ), Commentaries on sex life and art, Zora Stancic (SI) Musical ministories of Pavla Jonssonova’s life (CZ); Sexual identities in Elsa Martini’s photos (AL), Nudes by artist Katerina Rudcenkova (CZ); Scribble by  Marketa Bankova.

Online International Literary Anthology, launched on the opening: SEXFLIES. Writers: Lady Gaby editor (RO/DE), Ioana Morpurgo (RO), Albana Kozeli (AL), Elsa Martini (AL), Katerina Rudcenkova (CZ), Eva Parcher (SI)

Lady Gaby aka Gaby Bila-Günther was born in Romania, grew up in Australia and is now a resident of Berlin. She is writer, curator, artist and performer. Lady Gaby has been invited to many international festivals where she graced the stage with lyrics about many contemporary issues, women’s roles and positions, longings for place and identity, urban issues and other rather pleasurable subjects such as sexuality, lust and fantasies. Her artworks and performances for Sexflies illustrate fetish materials, sex advertising and toys.

For the opening of HACK.Fem.EAST (Friday 09 May 2008) Lady Gaby is proposing the performance: From Teabag into a Sexfly, an interactive spokenword performance to electro beats that will begin in the toilet and continue via the main hall of Kunstraum Kreuzberg /Bethanien.