HACK.Fem.EAST – selection of international reviews
Tuesday July 01st 2008, 1:33 pm
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Here is a selection of international reviews of HACK.Fem.EAST.

The exhibition got a good review from Reet Varblane, a curator/writer from Estonia, who was in Berlin during the opening. Reet has written a short story for the Estonian Cultural weekly Sirp. She gives an overview of what took place, pointing out the network idea and talking about the stereotypes of Eastern European women, which were represented critically in the show. She also writes about Mare Tralla’s and Marina Grzinic’s works which look at wider phenomenons in the contemporary world.

Erika Katalina Pastzor wrote a short reflection about the HACK.Fem.EAST for tranzit.blog.hu, a fresh art info site in Hungary.

We also got a short review from the Swedish Daonk group and a good article/interview in the Italian Digicult Magazine.

In Berlin, we curated and edited a supplement of TAZ, die Tageszeitung, on 09.05.08, and we also got a review from Tim Ackermann, “Schön poliertes Glatteis” on 28.05.2008:

Kbm wrote a review in Tip Berlin, “Relaxte Trickser” on 29.05-11.06.08 and Zitty Berlin dedicated a Tagestipp to HACK.Fem.EAST in the week 08.05.08-21.05.08.

On the net, Marisa Olson wrote a review titled “The Next Network” for Rhizome News on June 4, 2008, and the online magazine Styles Report Berlin published this news the day of the opening.

Last but not least, the art blog We Make Money Not Art dedicated banner space to HACK.Fem.EAST in the week of 23.05.08-30.05.08.

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