The East Still Exists
Wednesday June 11th 2008, 10:28 am
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by Jasmina Tesanovic

Berlin rocks, and women in Berlin dance. Berlin is big, it’s dirty,
it’s wild multicultural and cheap. Artists and young people swarm
there to live on social help given by the government (after one year
of any work) and do something else with their individual lives and arts.

Feminists and activists from Eastern Europe made a show, curated by
Tatiana and Gaia, in a beautiful gallery nexto to a school of music, decorated by street
art, on the border line with what was once Berlin East, the Wall.

The Fondacija  Cure (Girls Foundation) from Sarajevo are sitting at
the entrance of the show: they put up a table and are halting the
guests.  Do you have a visa, are you an artist, how much money do you
have in your pockets?

Most guests are answering, few are leaving.

The answerers are seated and made do the heavy work of answering
silly questions of a paranoid nation-state: almost  every one.   Are
you going to deal in drugs, are you going to be a prostitute?

After granting a visa, Sarajevo girls become chummy: now you can
enter and see the show, and now you know, that’ s how we feel when we
want to travel in your western countries.

– I am from eastern Berlin — a guy tries to gain my favors.
– But east Berlin does not exist anymore. The wall is down and many
eastern countries are already European Union.
But yes, East Berlin exists!
I grant him a visa and shake his hand as a comrade.

On the balcony I meet a couple: she is Norwegian, he is Canadian.
They admit they trespassed without a visa.

Oh you will be kicked out of the show, once the raid commences…
Survivors of the wall times, they immediately  flee…

Inside the rooms, installations of women for women about women:
feminists activists hackers lesbians single mothers with artificially
inseminated babies… On the walls on the floor on the videos sitting
and chatting at the panels cafe tables, smoking on the terrace…Just
as in the good old seventies, as if thirty years of neopatriarchy
never happened.

Janez Jansa, an italian born conceptual artist who together with
other two artists changed his name into that of the Slovenian
president, gives a presentation on the official sex doll of the Nazi
regime, (Himmler himself in charge of the project) an artificial
Aryan playmate made for heroic worthy solitary soldiers on the front.
Gaia performs the fetish  masturbation  as her contribution on the

Young women from LA/Rumania declare themselves neither activists nor
feminists: they just do it.

The Bulgarian artist Alla compares Bulgarian national souvenirs for
tourists to eastern women’s bodies sold on the west.

Boryiana  has a garden of her own installation on her balcony  where
biotechnologies give a twist to the globalized market.

Nada from Macedonia /UK gives to take in art networking:
“a reaction to the situation that has established itself over the
last decade by the ‘careless acquisition of intellectual property in
South Eastern Europe by institutions and individuals from Western

Marina from Slovenia is obsessed with video, poverty and the poverty
of the videos.

Anna from Poland claims: in Western Europe as a product one can
simply order and receive Polish women —  as material for a good
wife,  or a cleaning lady with a Ph.D..

Who wants to buy a Polish Wife?
Can Poland earn a lot of money on selling women to western men?
Can Poland finally become a rich country?

Tanja from Serbia some time ago posed nude  and thoroughly shaven:
looking for a husband with an EU passport. She got one.

Gaby from Rumania/DE sings: text, images, sound installations and
performance conjuring sexual confessions, fantasies and experiences.
Erotica for women who dare to be fulfilled.

The king is dead, long live the king, the wall is down, long live
the walls:  gender, digital globalization, alterglobalization,
militarization. Girls, blow them!

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