Miss Information – listen to the first calls!
Thursday May 15th 2008, 11:49 am
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All over Berlin, these stickers are becoming more and more prevalent, inviting you to call 030-2000-9039 for Miss Information. From the project page:

“Miss Information” presents herself as an Information Service, affixing stickers out of context to other media, posters, signs, walls, anywhere where information may be sought, creating the impression in callers that if they call her, she will inform them about the item of their interest.

(…) when the next callers call Miss Information, they are connected directly to the last callers, and then are called themselves when the following callers call, and so on. The information, naturally, being transformed as it passes from person to person.

At HACK.Fem.EAST you can visit the Miss, pick up a bunch of stickers, and listen to the confusion and connections that arise. Here’s a taste:

And don’t be shy, call right now, the number is a local Berlin number, no other costs apply.

030 – 2000 9039 (+49-30-20009039 from abroad)

More about Miss Information and her Telekommunisten

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